Michael Field and their world

Field Michael Field and their world

Edited by Margaret D. Stetz
and Cheryl A. Wilson

Writing as “Michael Field,” Katharine Bradley (1846–1914) and Edith Cooper (1862–1913), the British aunt and niece lesbian couple, produced an enormous and distinguished body of plays and poetry. Long neglected, they now appear frequently in anthologies of Victorian literature, queer literature, and literature by women. This is the first collection of essays to be devoted to their lives, works, relations with contemporaries, and influential legacies, as well as to the critical and theoretical questions raised by their collaboration. The contributors to this volume are some of today’s most prominent scholars of Victorian studies and gender studies from several continents.
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256 pp., illustrated.

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margaret d. stetz and cheryl a. wilson

Talking Collaboratively: Conversations with Michael Field
rachel morley

Michael Field: Gender Knot
katharine (jj) pionke

Michael Field as “the Author of Borgia
holly laird

Rethinking Michael Field: The Case for the Bodleian Letters
sharon bickle

Michael Field’s Lyrical Aestheticism: Underneath the Bough
joseph bristow

Contexts: Literary and Cultural Worlds

Michael Field’s Shakespearean Community
rhian e. williams

Attributing the Substance of Collaboration as Michael Field
maría deguzmán

Penetrating Matthew Arnold
ed madden

The Dialectics of Conversion: Marius and Michael Field
kit andrews

Sisters in Life, Sisters in Art: Ella and Marion Hepworth Dixon
valerie fehlbaum

Reluctant Lions: Michael Field and the Transatlantic Literary Salon of Louise Chandler Moulton
linda k. hughes

The Sapphic Culture of Michael Field and Radclyffe Hall
richard dellamora

Thematics: Sexuality and Religion

Michael Field as Dandy Poet
elizabeth primamore

“Where Twilight Touches Ripeness Amorously”: The Gaze in Michael Field’s Sight and Song
brooke cameron

Michael Field and the Challenges of Writing a Lesbian Catholicism
frederick s. roden

Michael Field and Saint Sebastian
dinah ward

Keeping Faith: Consistency and Paradox in the World View of Michael Field
chris snodgrass

Michael Field’s Pagan Catholicism
camille cauti

Katharine Bradley and Ethical Socialism
diana maltz

Translations: Textuality and Genre

Michael Field’s Translations into Verse
julie wise

The Concrete Poetics of Michael Field’s Sight and Song
nicholas frankel

Apian Aestheticism: Michael Field and the Economics of the Aesthetic
marion thain

Outmoded Dramas: History and Modernity in Michael Field’s Aesthetic Plays
ana parejo vadillo

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 Published 15 April 2007
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