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The Yellow Book: A Checklist and Index

By Mark Samuels Lasner

Volume 8 in the Occasional Series

This guide to the quintessential magazine of the British 1890s, provides, for the first time an unique, scholarly and necessary research aid for all interested in this period of literature, art and poetry.  The checklist makes it possible to access the entire magazine for the first time. Every author and illustrator is identified (even those using pseudonyms) and references are given to standard sources and bibliographies.  This volume is now often referred to as the "fourteenth" Yellow Book.

This volume has been published in two editions

ISBN 0 905744 21 7
40 numbered & signed copies, hardbound with a dust jacket.

ISBN 0 905744 22 5
460 hardbound copies, with a dust jacket. Price 25.00 / $40.00